Shipping information

Our goodies are eihter shipped with RAM Hand-To-Hand Couriers (for more information about RAM Hand-To-Hand Couriers, please visit or to be picked up at the warehouse.

Very important: We use the weight-shipping-method. This means, the shipping-costs are calculated according to the weight of the items. We only ship orders under 10kg.

The following shipping cost apply:

- Orders under 1kg are R 35 per delivery

- Orders between 1.01kg - 5kg are R 64 per delivery

- Orders between 5.01kg to 10kg are R 149 per delivery

- Orders of R 1000 or more will receive free delivery on their next order, provided the order falls under 10kg

- Pick-up at Warehouse is free and must be done if the order falls over 10kg, unless otherwise discussed with The German Food Store

Deliveries are effected on the day following the placement of your order on our site unless you have chosen to accept delivery at a later date.

You will be contacted with a tracking number from our delivery partners or alternatively contacted to arrange delivery. The usual delivery time takes 2-3 days. However, if delivery cannot occur in the stated time, you shall be notified accordingly.

The sale and delivery of liquor is subject to national and regional statutory regulations. Accordingly, we may not accept orders for delivery of liquor where this is prohibited. Delivery slots where delivery of liquor is prohibited are indicated as such on the checkout page. Alcohol purchases will require proof of age on delivery. Failure to supply such proof will render the sale null and void.

We only deliver to registered customers within certain specified delivery areas. On delivery of the order to the specified delivery address, you will receive our delivery note showing the items delivered, any substitute items, any non-available items, the delivery fees, Value-Added Tax (VAT) and the amount debited from your payment card. For verification purposes, the person accepting delivery at the delivery address may be required to produce a form of identification. Any person other than yourself who receives the products at the delivery address is presumed to be authorised to accept delivery on your behalf. Should no-one be in attendance at the time of delivery, the driver will keep the products and leave a notice at the delivery address to this effect. The driver will attempt to contact you to make new arrangements for delivery or collection. We reserve the right to charge an additional delivery fee should it be required in the circumstances. Our liability for failing to deliver the products timeously is limited to delivery being effected at a later agreed time at no additional charge. Please arrange that you or your authorised representative is available to accept your purchases at the delivery address and that appropriate access will be made available. On delivery, we will require you or your authorised representative to sign and print your or their name on a duplicate copy of the delivery note, to confirm receipt. We have outsourced all delivery and collection arrangements. Accordingly, we cannot, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any damage suffered or loss incurred by reason of any acts or omissions of the deliverer, its directors, employees, sub-contractors, agents, representatives and/or affiliates.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.